Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Distract Me Please

            This blog finds its genesis in the Federal Rules of Evidence (that’s FRE for you law nerds out there).  No, this blog is not in any way related to the FRE, but my Evidence exam is in three weeks from the day I am originally writing this post, and after four long hours of studying the residual hearsay exception and how to properly impeach a witness, I decided to divert my attention before I intentionally choke myself to death with my highlighters. 

            So as I’m sitting here trying to put off anything that would add true value to my life, I began to think about the one thing that has never let me down as a means of sidetracking my attention: movies.  For my three readers out there (including my mom and my wife), you know that I am pretty much obsessed with movies.  In fact, it’s doubtful that you’ve ever spent more than two hours at a time with me when a discussion about movies hasn’t broken out.  If you don’t like movies, we’re probably not friends, and I probably want to punch you (yes, in the face) every time I see you, because seriously, everyone should like movies.

            Henceforth, the idea for this blog is to be a community revolving around all things movies (oh wait, that’s actually IMDb, but oh well, I’ll steal their idea).  I will write reviews/quips/nonsense for every movie, old and new, that I watch.  If I happen to catch an hour of “One Missed Call” on HBO like I did last Saturday, you better believe a post is coming about that (is it a comedy or a horror?  Was the director stoned for the entire filming?  I say yes). I welcome any comments, feedback, telling me I’m an arrogant jerk, whatever.  Just please keep reading so I have a reason not to study….please, for the love of all that is good in this world, keep reading so I have a reason not to study.