Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top-10 1/2 of the Decade: #9

9.  Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) & Ocean's Eleven (2001) 


           So sue me for having two number nines.  I simply could not separate these movies and like I said before, I almost passed out trying to cut one more movie off my list and I just couldn’t do it.  Plus, these two movies share a lot in common with each other and deserve to be neck-and-neck on the list.  These two movies don’t necessarily carry the clout with the critics as much as other movies on my list will, but in the “Adam’s Rear Window patented formula for determining how good movies really are,” rewatchability is a MAJOR plus.  Have you ever turned on TBS when Ocean’s Eleven was on and not watched at least 15 minutes of it before saying to yourself “holy crap, I’ve seen this at least 18 times and I own it on DVD why am I watching this?!” (If you’re like me, you watch 20 more minutes after asking yourself this question).  Or with Pirates, have you ever turned on the TV right as your about to leave the house and you’re like, “I know I’m running late for such and such but it’s about to be the part where Jack and Will go to Tortuga!” and then your wife looks at you like she regrets ever meeting you (once again, maybe just me)?  Anyway, these two movies top the list of rewatchability for me for this decade.  Johnny Depp gets better every time (despite Orlando Bloom getting worse every time) and garnered a best-actor nomination, and he’s the only person in Hollywood who could have made that happen.  Ocean’s Eleven has one of the most ridiculous casts ever, which could have been a bad thing except that you felt like they were really enjoying making the movie together, which just makes it more fun to watch.  Credit that to always-outstanding director Steven Soderbergh.

-Oh, and while we’re at it, the top-5 Brad Pitt Performances Ever (As opposed to top-5 movies starring Brad Pitt, huge difference):

1.  Fight Club (duh)
2.  Snatch
3.  The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
4.  Se7en
5.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
943.  Troy


Emily said...

Uh....WHAT?! How could you POSSIBLY leave Legends of the Fall off of the top 5 Brad Pitt performances? Not only did it set him on a path of stardom, but his performance is awesome. The end.

adamsrearwindow said...

I was a tough call though. What put the others over the top is that he played virtually the same character a couple of years earlier in "A River Runs Through It." The end.

Mr. Weaver said...

True story about "A River Runs Through It". My favorite part of this post was how hard you dissed Pitt's performance in Troy, hahaha. I can understand the "rewatchability" concept here, but... my vote goes to Oceans'!

adamsrearwindow said...

Well John, the funny part is that it's kinda hard to pick a "bad" Brad Pitt performance, but this is the one movie that I think he kinda mailed in and just did because of commercial appeal. He should have known it would suck if Orlando Bloom was in it.